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About Us

School Eye The School's First Choice

Focusing on the Digitalization of school management, it came in accordance that education system of the country is lagging behind on the track. Considering an individual’s educational information, people are still using papers or documented sheets and there are no structured or centered information stored of an individual starting from his/her beginning of educational life. A centralized database having information stored and updated frequently can overcome this issue and help an individual to access his information, share them with national and international educational institutions for higher studies. However, a centralized information system can help monitor the educational progress of the country under digital methods.

Made Efficient

We present an easily approachable, user-friendly and dynamic school management software that benefits for academic excellence. Whole administrative needs of academic institutions can be served with this integrated software, featured with multi-user interface. Web School lets school administration get organized by involving parents, teachers and employees.

Made Easy

Setting up Schooleye is too simple and convenient and would take only about 1-2 hours. Through a series of technical tests, this software is made sure to provide uninterrupted management of schools.

Made Affordable

The free Community Edition from Web School will suit as a basic platform to develop academic administration. A wide range of added features is available for altered needs of ambitious clients. To get our pricing schemes, just visit the pricing page.

Made Adaptive

For a complete user experience, our software product is diversely designed so as to be accessed from anywhere. Web School is developed to let fine avenues through smartphones of leading software including iOS and Android.