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Education Simplified

Our school management software works in an excellent operating system. Its exceptional design and the user-friendly system help to rank itself on top of the educational system software list. It has become the prototype for other software in this same domain. They follow our systematic simple but unique style, which is our great achievement. Web school ERP can be streamed in any famous browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. without creating any issues. The school ERP is platform-independent. The school management can easily access their accounts anywhere any time they require. The software can be accessed through a mobile app installed on smartphones, can access from anywhere.

Managing school 24/7

Web school ERP is present 24/7 at the clients’ service. Our school management system customer service unit is always active to answer the customers all round the clock. Any kind of queries related to the software and its usage are answered very politely and efficiently. The team also guides the clients by providing solutions to several software related problems. We try our best to provide an error-free service to our clients and maintain a reputation for our bright future. We have an excellent track record of accessibility in delivering our services without interruption. For emergency, there is a chatbot, integrated into the software that answers any queries instantly.

School over Phone

Using the school ERP integrated into a mobile application is a great innovation of Web-school ERP. It helps the school administration update their data whenever they require to do so. The systematic feature of the school management system is impressive and of course easy to handle. But make sure the authorized person only will get access to edit information just like the normal desktop software. Smartphone software has the ability to make reports, control classrooms, and accept tuition fees and so on. The school management software can work on Android, iOS devices and tablets. It provides a very handy solution like you can carry the entire management system with you.